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ZYULKHIZYA, a Bashk. folk song, uzun-kyuy. First recorded by M.A.Burangulov in the 1920s. Lyric and drama song. The main theme is the story of a tragic fate of a girl who was forcibly married to an old man; the Zulkhiza’s beloved man, longing for her, composes a song. Z. is a two part composition with an optional repeat of the 2nd part. Symmetry, balance of melodic movement and repetition of ornamental figures are characteristic for the song. The Zyulkhiza wide chants provide special expressiveness to the melody. This song was arranged by A.S.Klyucharev for choir a cappella, R.A.Murtazin for the voice with piano, K.Yu.Rakhimov for the small symph. orchestra and for the voice with piano, S.R.Salmanov for the voice and symph. orchestra, and I.I.Khisamutdinov for the Bashk. instruments orchestra. The Z. melody was used in the Aykhylu opera by M.M.Valeyev and N.I.Peyko.

Publication date: 22.06.2020
Last updated: 02.08.2021