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LASER TECHNOLOGIES, a method of treatment, manufacture and change of the material or semi‑product state, properties and shape with solid‑state gas lasers (with power from 1 to several thousand watts). In the Republic, this technology has been applied sinсe late 1980s in various sectors of Industry, Medicine and other sectors, to produce a local effect on the treated material, to run processes in vacuum, gas, liquid or solid bodies, and to provide non‑contact energy transfer to the treated areas in an enclosed space. R.M.Ahmetdinov, D.A.Ganeyev, G.I.Rassokhin et al. of the Institute for Metal Superplasticity Problems have developed a non‑contact laser measuring complex BLIK‑GIB to measure permanent deformation and actual characteristics of cross‑section in pipeline bends (integrated at the Bashkirenergo company). The UMPO, the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, AO Gidravlika, the UAPO, the Process and Industrial Management Institute and others have integrated L.t. for drilling small diameter holes (up to 0.8 mm), in parts made of stainless steel, titanium alloys and ceramics, for cutting of sheets with up to 5 mm thickness, for engraving, welding, cutting tool hardening, template cutting, etc.

Publication date: 04.08.2020
Last updated: 04.08.2020