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LAKLINSKAYA CAVE, Tash‑kuesh, a natural monument (1965). Located on the right slope of the valley of the Lakly River (tributary of the Ai River), 1.6 km SW of Selo Lakly of Salavatsky Raion. Karst cave, it is a system of horizontal halls and galleries. Length 252 m, aver. width 19.5 m, height 5.0 m, area 5,288 m2, volume 29,684 m3. The entrance of the oval shape is located at the height of 34 m above the level of the Lakly River. From this river, the sloping corridor descends into the Vestibule Hall, connects to the gallery, which passes into the 2nd hall with three deep grooves on the ceiling. The walls are covered with calcite curtains, drips and scaly growths. Through the gallery, the 2nd hall is connected with the 3rd. On the northern wall of the hall the cave ends with a hole, opening into a narrow passage. The floor is of clay, sand, and crushed stone; stalactites are in evidence. Temperature in the cave in summer is 1.2—6°C. In the entryway snow stays until June.

Publication date: 04.08.2020
Last updated: 30.03.2021