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NASRETDINOVA, Zaituna Agzamovna

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NASRETDINOVA, Zaituna Agzamovna (14.8.1923, Ufa – 1.10.2009, Ibid.), Ballet Dancer. People’s Artist of USSR (1955), People’s (1954) and Merited (1949) Artist of RSFSR, Merited Artist of BASSR (1946). Awarded with the Order of October Revolution (1976), Order of the Badge of Honor (1946). After graduating from the Leningrad Choreography School (1941) worked in the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre. The first professional Bashkir ballerina. She combined artistry, virtuosity and swiftness in her performance arts with the breadth and gentleness of movements, while revealing the deep inside world of her characters. N. was the first performer of the role of Zaitungul (Crane Song).

Publication date: 25.08.2020
Last updated: 25.08.2020