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LIFTING DEVICES, lifting machines used for vertical or inclined lifting or lowering people and/or cargoes by means of special devices (carriages, cabins, cages, shovels, platforms, skips, trolleys, etc.) suspended on ropes or chains, or moving along rigid vertical (rarely inclined) guides or rails. The Oktyabrsky Logging Equipment Plant in Bashkortostan produces wire-line equipment lifting devices of PKS and PKN grades (86% of the national production). The Ishimbay Mechanical Engineering Plant manufactures L.d. for well exploration. The Tuimazy Geophysical Equipment and Instrument Plant produces

L.d. for survey works. The Oktyabrsky Special Process Equipment Plant manufactures twin-post L.d. The Crane Service Plant, Neftemash Plant (Oktyabrsky), Ufa Crane Plant (also producing el. hoists) and Sterlitamak Construction Machinery Plant produce lifting cranes. The Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant have produced wire ropes since 1976. In 2014 INMASH (Sterlitamak) launched production of L.d. in its facilities. The RB was ranked number two (17.6%) among Russian

L.d. manufacturers (2016).

Publication date: 01.10.2020
Last updated: 12.04.2021