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HANDWRITTEN BOOK, a monument of book culture; a book or a sheet written by hand. The H.b., found in the territory of Bashkortostan, date back to the 16th — early 20th centuries; most of them are written in the Turki of the Ural‑Volga Region. Among the H.b. of religious content (the lists of Koran and comments thereto, etc), there are works of the Turkic (Jumzhuma­Sultan, Kissai Yusuf’, etc), Bashk. (Akmullah, Sh.Aminev‑Tamyani, etc) and Eastern (Allayar‑Sufiya, Bakyrgani, etc) literature; the monuments of literature (Alpamysha and Barsyn­khylu, Babsak and Kusyak, etc) and folklore; historical compositions (Letter of Batyrshi, Tavarikhi Bulgaria, etc); personal collections of M.I.Umetbayev, R.F.Fakhretdinov, etc. Collection of H.b. in the territory of Bashkortostan began in the 18th century; the found materials were published and used in the studies by V.V.Bartold, A.A.Validov, V.I.Dal, R.G.Ignatiyev, V.S.Yumatov, etc. In the 30s of the 20th century, many H.b. were destroyed. A great number of H.b. were collected during archaeographic expeditions. Also refer to the Collections of Books and Manuscripts.

Publication date: 26.10.2020
Last updated: 26.10.2020