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CHISHMA, ООО, a stud farm. Specializes in breeding cattle of Bestuzhevskaya and black and white breeds. Located in Dyurtyulinsky Raion, the central farm is in Selo Chishmy. Founded in 1957 out of a collective farm named after N.S.Khrushchev (1951) as Chishma Kolkhoz, it changed its legal status in the following years: since 1993 OOO, since 1994 kolkhoz, since 2000 SPK‑Stud Farm, since 2007 has its current status. It consists of: 3 dairy farms, 2 farms for feeding, growing and sale of young cattle, etc. The agricultural land area was 3,271 ha incl. 2,488 ha of arable lands. Yield (Cwt/ha): grain crops — 27.6, corn for silage — 299.2, perennial grass for hay — 28.8, for herbage — 151.5; produced 3,861 t of grain; stored 43 units of forage per conventional head. The livestock of cattle is 1,912 (532 cows); average annual milk yield — 6474 kg; produced (t): milk — 3256, meat — 213 (2017).

Publication date: 25.11.2020
Last updated: 31.05.2021