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“ABDRAKHMAN‑KANTON”, is a Bashkir ethnic song, uzunkuy. The legend and variants of the song were written first by S.G. Rybakov in Orskiy Disctrisct (Yulukovo village, Sultan­ skiy gold mine, in the Rameyevy neighbourhood of Kuseyevo village, the summer pasture near the Kyltaban lake), and published in Music and songs of the Ural Muslims and their house­ hold description. The song is lyroepic. Dedi­ cated to Abdrakhman Biktimirov, the head of the 6th Bashkir military canton, beloved and respec­ ted person who was erroneously accused of abuse. The song shows the theme of betrayal. The or­ namented chant can be characterized as humble and mournful; broad upward waves make the song more expressive. Musical adaptions of “A.­k.” for a violin with orchestra were made by R.A. Murtazin, for an a cappella choir – by M.Z. Bashirov, for a choir – by N.G. Sabitov. The song melody was used by M.M. Valeev and N.I. Peyko in “Aykhylu” opera and by Sabitov in “Gulnazira” ballet.

Publication date: 24.03.2021
Last updated: 24.02.2022