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“AKMECHET”, is bashkir ethnic instru­ mental march. It was first registered on a pho­ nograph by L.N. Lebedinskiy in 1939 from Ishgali Dilmukhametov. It is published in Bashkort khalk yirdary. The story of “A.” creation is connected with a military campaign in 1853 to the Ak­Mechet Kokand fortress under the command of V.A. Perovskiy. The melody has a strophic structure based on quarter intonations which imitate military trumpet signals. There is an “A.” variant called “Salkovskiy”  (“Tsiolkovskiy”). Presumably, there was an “A.” song as evidenced by the poetic text written down by M.A. Burangulov. It shows the events of the failed Khiva military campaign in 1839–40. The melody is unknown.

Publication date: 24.03.2021
Last updated: 24.02.2022