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“AKKHAK-KOLA”, is a monument of Bashkir literature, epos. First written down by M.A. Burangulov in 1907 in the Ilyaskino village of Buzulukskiy District of Samarskaya region (now the Verkhneilyasovo village of Krasnogvardeyskiy District of Orenburgskiy region) from Khasan Burangulov. The variants of this epic are known as “Askak­kola”, “Five foals” and others. They were written down by Kirey Mergen, F.A. Nadrshina, M.M. Sagitov, N.D. Shunkarov and others. Scientific archive of URC RAS has approx. 20 variants of epics, written down on the territory of the RB and Orenburgskaya region. The epic has poetic and prose forms. The epic shows nomadic lifestyle of the Bashkir people, their customs which are described in the epic realistically and in folk tradition simultaneously. Lame Brown Horse is a descendant of noble horses that came from the bottom of the Shulgan lake. Escaping from his cruel owner he takes a herd with him. The rich and cruel owner catches up to the herd, asks them to return and promises to care well for them. However, when the herd turns back, he breaks his promise and shoots his bow at Lame Brown Horse. The wounded horse kills his owner with a blow of his hoof. Some parts of the epic are performed in khamak style. The melody variants are written down by the composers such as K.F. Akhmetov, Z.G. Ismagilov, L.N. Lebedinskiy.

Publication date: 24.03.2021
Last updated: 24.03.2021