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“ZYULKHIZYA”, is a Bashkir ethnic song, uzun-kuy.  First  registered  in  the  1920’s  by M.A. Burangulov, in 1937 by L.N. Lebedinskiy from M.A. Baimov and published in the Bashkort khalk yirdarycollection. The song is ly­ rodramatic. The plot is based on the story about the tragic destiny of a girl that was forced to marry an old man; Zyulkhizya’s beloved one, longing for her, composes the song. The song consists of 2 parts and variations of the 2nd part. The chant can be characterized by symmetry, balanced melodical movement, repetitions of ornamented fi Wide chants of Zyulkhizya’s name make the melody more expressive. The musical adaptations for a cappella choir were composed by A.S. Klyucharyov, for a small symphonic orchestra and for a solo with piano by K.Y. Rakhimov, for a solo and symphonic orchestra by S.R. Salmanov, for the orchestra of Bashkir ethnic instruments by I.I. Khisamutdi­ nov. “Z.” melody is used in the “Aykhylu” opera by M.M. Valeev and N.I. Peyko.

Publication date: 20.04.2021
Last updated: 24.08.2021