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IGNATYEV Ruf Gavrilovich

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IGNATYEV Ruf Gavrilovich (7.9.1818, Moskovskaya region – 2.1.1886,  Orenbugr), translator, local historian.   Graduated from The Lazarev Institute of  Oriental Languages (Moscow), Paris Conservatory. He collected the archeological, historical ethnographic, folklore materials of  Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Russians and other  peoples in Orenburgskiy region. Author of approx. 400 (acc. to other data, 500) scientific papers including “Bashkir Salavat Yulayev, Pugachyev’s brigadier, singer and improviser” (1894). His papers were published in “Ufa regional news” newspaper. Participated in the foundation of the Ufa regional museum (see National Museum of RB).

Publication date: 20.04.2021
Last updated: 20.04.2021