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KALIEV Yuriy Alekseevich

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KALIEV Yuriy Alekseevich (16.1.1957– 23.4.2014), philosopher. Doctor of Philosophy (2004), Professor (2006). His research is devoted to the philosophy of myths, mythological consciousness, and the religious and ideological content of paganism. Author of more than 250 research papers. The book “Semyk” (1993, Yoshkar-­Ola) reflects the system of the Mari people’s calendar, provides comparative and contrastive parallels with the rites of the Bashkirs, Mordva, Russians, Udmurts, and other peoples (see Typology of folklore); it also includes field materials recorded on the territory of Bashkortostan.

Publication date: 22.04.2021
Last updated: 30.08.2021