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LEBEDINSKIY Lev Nikolayevich

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LEBEDINSKIY Lev Nikolayevich (5.11. 1904–21.11.1992), musicologist, folklorist. His research papers are devoted to the musical folklore of the peoples of the USSR, the works of domestic composers, theoretical problems of musical performance, etc. He made a significant contribution to the collection and study of Bashkir ethnik songs, tunes, etc. L. recorded the versions of songs Black Pacer, Zarifa, Kuluy-Canton, Kamalek, tunes Route, Crane song, epics Akhak-kola, Babsak and Kusyak, etc. Special attention was paid to the study of the features of uzun-kyuy and uzlyau. One of the authors of the collection Bashkort Khalyk Yyrdary. The manuscript of the methodical manual by L. “On some principles of recording, deciphering of phonorecording, and editing Bashkir folk song” is stored in the folklore cabinet of the Ufa State Institute of Art.

Publication date: 11.06.2021
Last updated: 11.06.2021