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VASILYEV Valerian Mikhailovich

VASILYEV Valerian Mikhailovich (1.1.1883– 2.5.1961), philologist, folklorist. Doctor of Phi­lology (1957). The founder of Mari linguistics, folklore; one of the first Mari writers. Author of more than 250 research papers. Compiled the collections “Mari folk songs, riddles, and fairy tales” (1908), “Mari...


“VASTOMA” (“Meeting”), Mordovian folk­ lore and ethnographic ensemble at Sadovka ru­ ral culture house of Sterlitamak district of RB. Established in 1993. In 2003, it earned the title “People’s”. The founder and artistic director is N.E. Artamonov. The repertoire lists more than 60 songs, including...

VAKHITOV Yangali Arslanovich

VAKHITOV Yangali Arslanovich (5.10. 1932–3.10.2003), dancer. V.’s characteristic and ceremonial folk dances were known for romanticism, conciseness, and special internal expression. Emotionality and clarity of the rhythms made the V.’s performance of dance “Baik” stand out. Author of more than 10 dances...

VIKAR László

VIKAR László (8.6.1929–12.5.2017), eth­nomusicologist, folklorist. Professor (1980). His research is devoted to the study of the tradi­tional musical culture of the Finno­-Ugric and Turkic peoples of the Volga region. Together with G. Bereczki in the 1960–70s, he collected materials on folk music in...

VILDANOV Gabdelakhat Fazlyevich

VILDANOV Gabdelakhat Fazlyevich (6.2. 1879–9.2.1954), linguist, ethnographer, folk­lorist. His research was focused on the study of folklore and ethnography of the Bashkirs as well as theoretical and applied Bashkir linguistics. Compiled the collection “Bashkir Riddles” (1927); one of the authors of...

VUKOLOV-ERLIK (Vukolov) Filip Nikolayevich

VUKOLOV-ERLIK (Vukolov) Filip Nikolayevich (18.11.1904–28.7.1979), writer, folk­lorist. V.–E. collected more than 400 Chuvash folk songs, proverbs and sayings, recorded the beyet “Kazan Besieged”, included in the scien­ tific code “Chuvash Folk Art”. In 1949–48, 1960–63, he went to the Bizhbulyaksky...


VESKELI  is  an  Udmurt  wedding  ritual chant (see Family and household ritual poetry). Before the bride leaves her parent’s house, a chest with her dowry is taken to the middle of the house. At this moment women begin sing­ ing farewell V. song. The bride goes 3 times around the table in the Sun direction,...