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ZUBAREV, Andrey Sergeyevich

ZUBAREV, Andrey Sergeyevich (b.3.3.1987 in Ufa), Athlete. Merited Master of Sports (ice hockey) of Russia (2014). Awarded with the Order of Friendship (2018), Order of Honour (2014). A trainee of the Salavat Yulayev Specialised Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve (Coach – V.A.Chizhov)....

ZULKARNAYEV, Artur Valeryevich

ZULKARNAYEV, Artur Valeryevich (b.9.6.1995 in Selo Arslanovo of Kiginsky Raion of the RB), Athlete. Master of Sports (Kurash) and Belt Wrestling Russia (both – 2015). A trainee of the Youth Sports School of the Kiginsky Raion (Coach – V.G.Zulkarnayev), Sports School No.14 (Ufa; R.A.Ismagilov). Winner...


“ZULKHABIRA”, is a Bashkir ethnic song, uzun-kuy. First registered by L.N. Lebedinskiy from K.G. Mullakaev, quaray player in 1937 in Baymakskiy District; the song is published in the  “Bashkort  khalk  yirdary”  collection  by G.Z. Suleymanov. The song is lyrodramatic. The song “Z.” tells the story...


“ZYULKHIZYA”, is a Bashkir ethnic song, uzun-kuy.  First  registered  in  the  1920’s  by M.A. Burangulov, in 1937 by L.N. Lebedinskiy from M.A. Baimov and published in the “Bashkort khalk yirdary” collection. The song is ly­ rodramatic. The plot is based on the story about the tragic destiny of a girl...


ZYULKHIZYA, a Bashk. folk song, uzun-kyuy. First recorded by M.A.Burangulov in the 1920s. Lyric and drama song. The main theme is the story of a tragic fate of a girl who was forcibly married to an old man; the Zulkhiza’s beloved man, longing for her, composes a song. Z. is a two part composition with...