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MAYKY-BIY, the leader of the Tabyn tribe. Prior to the election of Genghis Khan as the Great Khan, he was part of his personal security, later he became one of his commanders. As Member of Genghis Khan elder son Juchi’s army, he participated (presumably, in 1207) in the conquest of Siberia and Kazakhstan. After the formation of the ulus on those lands, Juchi became Biy of the Regional Ethnopolitical Association, in which the Tabyn tribe played the leading role. According to a shezhere, the nomad camps of M.‑b. stretched from the Yaik River head to the Tobol and Irtysh rivers. In Genghisnam, it is noted that M.‑b. encountered Genghis Khan (assuming, in summer 1219) and received a tamga, an oran, an ancestral tree and a bird from him.

Publication date: 07.08.2020
Last updated: 07.08.2020