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SHULGAN-TASH, a reserve of 22.5 thous. ha within the territory of Burzyansky Raion. It was formed on the basis of the Pribelskiy branch of Bashkirskiy Reserve in order to preserve the natural and landscape complex of the zone of European broadleaf forests and to protect rare plant species and rare animal species (1986). In the N it borders with Altyn Solok Reserve, in the S — with Bashkiriya National Park. Forest area is approx. 92%. Kapova Cave, Kosmonavtov Cave are located within the territory of Sh.‑T. The relief is represented by low mountains, it is dismembered by river valleys. On the slopes of the ridges (up to 608 m high) there are oak crooked forests and various grass meadows. Flora accounts for more than 177 species of algae and cyanobacteria, 151 — fungi, 176 — lichens, 218 — mosses, 849 — higher vascular plants. 120 rare plant species were found, including endemics and relicts. The following 58 rare plant species are included in The Red List of the RB, of which Stipa pulcherrima, Cephalanthera rubra, Fritillaria ruthenica, Koeleria sclerophylla, etc are included in the Red List of the RSFSR. Fauna accounts for more than 300 vertebrata species, including 30 — fish, 5 — amphibians, 6 — reptiles, 208 — birds, 62 — mammals; the local population of the Bashkir bee has been preserved. 69 rare animal species were included in The Red List of the RB (European mantid, bittern, true otter, Russian flying squirrel, red deer, garden dormouse, etc), of which 30 are included in The Red List of the RF.

Publication date: 25.11.2020
Last updated: 31.05.2021