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YAMANTAU (in translation from Bashkir, literally, — “bad mountain”), the highest point of the Bashk. (South) Urals. It is located within the territory of the South Ural Reserve. Abs. alt. — 1,638 m, length — 5 km, width — approx. 4 km. The slopes are steep, north is stepped, south and east are swampy. It has peaks — Bolshoy (Big) (1,640 m) and Maliy (Small) (1,510 m) Ya. separated by a saddle. The peaks are domeshaped, with pronounced terraces: stone rivers are common on the slopes; 2 spurs run to the south — Shakitar Mountain (1,174 m) and Karaulnaya Mountain (1,235 m). There is an altitudinal zonation of landscapes. Rare plant species grow here: Gypsophila uralensis, Alopecurus glaucus, Androsace lehmanniana, Rhodiola iremelica, Cerastium krylovii, etc.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 31.05.2021