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RITUALS, a set of ritual actions, stipulated by customs and social conventions, that embodied religious notions, everyday traditions, social ideas and values. R. are called to influence the objective course of life in order to direct it to the favourable course, perform the function of the regulator of social relations. With the emergence of the state, specific R., related to society and state life, developed along with the traditional R. R. can be performed individually or in a group (family, community, etc). Bashkirs traditional R. include calendar-based R., related to the traditional forms of economy, and family R., accompanying the most important moments of human life. Also there were healing R. that existed in traditional medicine. The performance of R. is accompanied by ritual folklore, incantations, wishes, sacrifices, cooking ceremonial food and joint meals. In the traditional Bashkir R., there is a connection with pre-Islamic beliefs and animal cults. Muslim rituals spread with the adoption of Islam. R. accompanied holidays (ref. Sabantuy), ethnic games, and folk meetings. R. are reflected in the works of the Bashkir folklore.

Publication date: 21.06.2021
Last updated: 30.08.2021