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HISTORY OF THE BASHKIR LITERATURE, a fundamental edition written by a group of authors in the Bashk. language and published in 6 volumes between 1990—96. The Russian language edition consists of 4 volumes and has been published since 2012. Chief Editor — G.B.Khusainov. The 1st volume is dedicated to the Bashk. medieval literature and its development in the period between the 12—14th centuries (Bulgarian, Kipchak and Russian periods). This volume systematizes manuscript heritage of the Bashkirs. The 2nd volume covers the period between 19th — beginning of the 20th century. The 3rd volume — the Bashk. Soviet lit. between 1917—41; the 4th — the Bashk. Soviet lit. between 1941—55; the 5th — the Bashk. Soviet lit. between 1956—65; and the 6th — the modern lit. between 1966—94. The volumes are supplemented with chronicles, letters of lit. life, nominal and brief bibliographic indexes.

Publication date: 25.12.2019
Last updated: 25.12.2019
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