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F.GASKAROV’ FOLK DANCE ENSEMBLE, State Academic Body of theRepublicofBashkortostan. Founded in1938 inUfa, it was named after the founder and the first art director F.A.Gaskarov in 1988. Initially, the repertoire was based on works that reproduced the choreography of the Bashkir folk dance: solo performances (Muglifa, The Black Pacer, Baik, and Perovsky); first samples of duets and group dances (Yoke, Gemini, The Game, Gulnazira, Zarifa, Guardsmen, etc), as well as Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian and Belarusian dancing. At the end of the 1950s — beginning of the 1960s, the choreographic compositions which stood out were the ones which embodied the themes and images of national folklore. Between 1960—70s there are new themes and other types of expressive art imagery. The premiere were the compositions Azamat, Bashkir Warrior, Mischievous, Northern Amours, Builders in Love, Spring Flow; the dances of the peoples of Bashkorto stan, Russia and the world. In the beginning of the 1980—90s, there was formed a repertoire consisting of choreographic compositions of such choreographers as R.F.Habitov, F.S. Gareyeva, Kh.F.Mustayev, I.Kh.Habirov namely Geese-swans; Flowers, Bashkiria; To the Call of Kurai; and also miniatures — Salavat, Game of Hunting for the Golden Eagle, Burzyanochki, Song of the Shearer, Copper Heel, etc. Laureate of the State Award of Salavat Yulaev (1990).

Among most known dancers of the ensemble there was M.R.Idrisov, Kh.N.Magazova, and R.G.Tuysina; directors — Kh.G. Safiullin, and T.Sh.Khudayberdina.

Publication date: 06.06.2019
Last updated: 06.06.2019
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