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SUNDAY SCHOOLS, educational institutions for working teenagers and adults; a form of individual education. In Bashkor­tostan, the first S.s. were opened by the exiled Poles in the 2nd half of the 19th century in Belebey, Birsk, Zlatoust, Sterlitamak, Ufa, etc. In 1900, there were: in Ufa Gub. — 15 General Education S.s. and 2 S.s. under the Holy Synod; in Orenb. Gub. — 8 and 10 respectively. Since 1992, the National. S.s. have developed. In these Schools adults and children learn their native language and literature, history and culture, and customs and traditions of their ethnic group. Since 2002, the Republican system of S.s. for the study of native languages has been established in accordance with The Peoples of Bashkortostan state program. In Ufa, there are: 9 national (Armenian, Jewish, Polish, 2 Tatar, 2 Ukrainian and 2 Chuvash) S.s. and 4 national sections (Bashk., Mari, German and Tatar); in Salavat — Ukrainian S.s. (2018). The confessional S.s. operate under the religious organizations.

Publication date: 18.05.2020
Last updated: 18.05.2020