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DAUTOV, Nur Asgatovich

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DAUTOV, Nur Asgatovich (b.5.1.1956, Derevnya Pakhar of Belebeyevsky Raion of the BASSR), Composer. Merited Artist of the RB (1993) and RF (2007). Laureate of RB State Award named after Salavat Yulayev (2014), the Award named after G.Salyam (1990) and the Award named after F.Karim (2006). Graduated from the USIA (1986). Since 1982, he worked as a Musical Dir. at Bashk. Philharmonia, since 1987 as a Teacher at Ufa School of Arts, simultaneously between 2000—06 — at USAA, since 2006 at the BSPU. D.’s music is distinguished by bright melodism, simplicity, harmonic clarity, subtle, organic combination of the elements of the Bashk. folk and modern music. Among his works there is opera Gulyamal, children’s opera Tarakanishche, rock opera Babich, vocal symphony cycles Bashkortostan Be­ gins Here, The Songs of My People, choral symphony Do Not Cry Now That I’m Gone, cantatas. D. created 3 symphonies, symphonic poem Ural, Holiday Overture, sonatas for pianoforte, string quartets, pianoforte plays for children, plays for a group and orchestra of Bashk. instruments. The author of vocal cycles with lyrics by S.Alibay, Sh.Bikkul, R.Y.Garipov, M.Karim, N.Nadjmi, songs and romances (approx. 300), music for drama performances. Since 2009, he worked as Chairman of the Board of the Musical Society of the RB.

Publication date: 22.05.2020
Last updated: 22.05.2020