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ZHURAVLYOV, Daniil Arsentyevich

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ZHURAVLYOV, Daniil Arsentyevich (12.12.1900, Derevnya Tanalykovo of Orsky Uyezd of Orenburg Gub., now Baymak, 16.9.1974, Moscow), Military Leader. Colonel General of Artillery (1944). Participant of the Civil and the Great Patriotic wars. Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1945), Order of the Red Flag (1938, 1941, August and November 1944, 1949), the 1st Class Order of Kutuzov (1943, 1945), Order of the Red Star (1936). Graduated from the senior officers advanced courses of the Voroshilov Higher Military Academy (Moscow, 1950). In the Soviet Army since 1918. Since 1937 Plenipotentiary of Commander of the 2nd Leningrad Artillery School, since 1938 Commander of the 1st Ryazan Artillery School. Since 1941 1st Air Defense Corps Commander, since 1942 Commander of the Moscow Front troops, since 1943 of the Special Moscow Army, since 1944 of the Western Air Defense Front troops; since 1946 of the West and North West Air Defense Districts; Deputy Commander of the USSR Air Defense Troops; Head of the Radio Technical Troops, Air Communication and Surveillance Services of the USSR Air Defense. Since 1954 retired. A street in Baymak is named after Zh.

Publication date: 19.06.2020
Last updated: 19.03.2021