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KAZANTSEVA, Tamara Timofeyevna

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KAZANTSEVA, Tamara Timofeyevna (b.8.5.1934, Krivoy Rog), Mining Geological Engineer. Acad. of the AS RB (1991), Dr. Sci. in Geology and Mineralogy (1985). Awarded with the Order of Friendship (1999). After graduating from the Krivoy Rog Mining Institute (1959), she worked at the Krasnoyarsk Geological Directorate. Since 1965 at the Bashneft Association, since 1975 at the Geological Institute. Scientific activities are dedicated to studies in geotectonics, general and regional geology, petrology. K. formulated the scientific laws of geo‑evolution, identified the geodynamic regimens of the development of folded regions and the frequency of allochtones outcropping, substantiated the allochtonicity of ophiolites in the Urals.

Publication date: 17.06.2020
Last updated: 22.03.2021