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KAMALOV, Minigalim Khazigaliyevich

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KAMALOV, Minigalim Khazigaliyevich [9.3.1928, Derevnya Chyuynchi of Belebeyevsky Canton of the BASSR (Davlekanovsky Raion of the RB) — 8.4.1998, Ufa], Surgeon and Public Health Provider. Candidate of Medical Sciences (1959). Merited Doctor of the RB (1998), Excellent Public Health Worker of the USSR (1975). Awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1971), Order of the Badge of Honour (1961, 1966). After graduating from the BSMU (1951), until 1956 worked in Mishkinsky Raion: Head of the central healthcare department, simultaneously, Surgeon of the Central Hospital; since 1959 — at the Ministry of Health of the BASSR: Head Surgeon, since 1960 the Minister; since 1988 Head of Department in the Republican Clinical Hospital, since 1992 Deputy Dir. for organizational activities in the Ufa Tuberculosis Hospital for War Veterans. His scientific work was dedicated to issues of bile tract surgery. Under the guidance of K. the specialized medical services and medical prevention service started to be developed in the Republic, the system of emergency medical services organizations was improved, the provision of medical care to the population in rural areas was implemented, the sanatoria and dispensaries for industrial and farming enterprises workers were founded. Deputy of the 6—11th Sessions of the Supreme Council of the BASSR, of the 12th Session of the Supreme Council of the RB. A street in Davlekanovo is named after K.

Publication date: 17.06.2020
Last updated: 17.06.2020