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ZILMERDAK (in translation from Bashkir, literally mountain, flutters, flickers), a ridge. It is extended meridionally from the latitude of the mouth of the Zigaza River to the Inzer River in Beloretsky Raion. Length 70 km, width 4—9 km, abs.alt. 909 m. In the relief, there are rocky and smoothed peaks separated by gentle saddles. The slopes are mostly covered by broadleaf forests and dark coniferous forests. At the altitude higher than 600 Z. is covered with broadleaf crooked forest intermingled with spruce and pine, steppe mountain meadows are found on the summits. Inter mountain depressions are covered with swamps and peaty meadows. According to folk etymological explanations, a flag was placed on top of the ridge during the war and it fluttered there.

Publication date: 22.06.2020
Last updated: 22.03.2021