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IGNATYEV, Ruf Gavrilovich

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IGNATYEV, Ruf Gavrilovich (7.9.1818, Moscow Gub. 2.1.1886, Orenburg), Translator and Ethnographer. Graduated from the Lazarevsky Institute of Oriental Languages (Moscow), Paris Conservatory. Since 1837, a civil servant at various institutions of Moscow, Tver and Novgorod guberniyas, since 1858 Orenburg Gub., between 1865–77 and since 1880 Ufa Gub., between 1877–79 Minsk Guberniya. Between 1855–58, he served in the 2nd and 10th Orenburg linear battalions. While in the Orenburg region, he collected materials on archaeology, history, ethnology and folklore of the Bashkirs, Russians, and other peoples in the areas where he worked. He also created an archaeological map of the Orenburg and Ufa guberniyas and carried out various archaeological expeditions. Participated in the organizing of the Ufa Gub. Museum (ref. National Museum of the RB).

Publication date: 22.06.2020
Last updated: 22.06.2020