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KASKYN SAMAROV, Participant of the Peasant War of 1773—75, Pugachyov’s Colonel. Participant of the 1771– 73 Polish Campaign. Commander (between 1771—73) of the 10th Party of the Bashkir troops sent to the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. In October, the detachment of K.S. occupied the Voskresensky Plant, in November — Sterlitamak Pier of Ufa Province, later — Tabyn Fortress. Since December, one of the leaders of the Chesnokovo Rebel Centre; participated in the siege and assaults of Ufa, near Derevnya Akbashevo of Kazanskaya Doroga convinced approx. 400 (according to other data, approx. 700) Bashkirs, who returned from the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, defect to the rebels’ side. Since May 1774, had been operating on the territory of Nogay Doroga. In October, pled guilty to I.L.Timashev. In 1777, he served as Starshina (Head) of Tamyan Volost. His future life events are unknown.

Publication date: 06.07.2020
Last updated: 06.07.2020