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KAKHYM-TURYA, a Bashk. folk song, uzun-kyuy. First recorded by S.G.Rybakov and published in the The Music and Songs of Ural Muslims with an Essay of Their Everyday Life book. Lyric and epic song. Dedicated to the commander of the Bashk. regiment in the Patriotic War of 1812 and Foreign Campaigns of the Russian Army of 1813—14, Kakhym Murzashev (Kasim Myrdashev; 1778—1814), a native of Derevnya Ayuchevo of Yurmatinskaya Volost of Nogay Doroga (Sterlitamaksky Raion of the RB). According to one version, the song was composed after the murder of Kakhym by his own men. Another version says that Kakhym, who was poisoned by envious men, composed this song and sang it to his mother before his death. The K.‑t. melody covers 2 octaves.

It is varied in both metre and rhythm, richly ornamented, and mainly consists of interval jumps on 4th and 6th. The K.‑t. arrangement was made by E.N.Zemtsov, B.I.Shestakov for choir a cappella, V.A.Bely, V.I.Vinogradov, and A.R.Khalfetdinov for voice and piano. The melody of the song was used by Kh.F.Akhmetov and R.A.Murtazin for the Soviet Bashkiria doc. film, in the String Quartet of A.S.Klyucharev, the opera Aykhylu by M.M.Valeyev and N.I.Peyko, and the namesake K.‑t. opera by Z.G.Is- magilov.

Publication date: 06.07.2020
Last updated: 02.08.2021