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EQUESTRIAN SPORTS, equestrian competitions. In Bashkortostan, the Е.s. started its rapid development when the hippodrome was founded in Ufa in 1891. The first harness racing was held in 1892. An Е.s. school was established at the Bayramgulovsky state farm, Uchalinsky raion, the BASSR in 1970. An Е.s. branch of the Youth Sports School was opened in Ufa in 1976, the Republican Equestrian Sport Youth Sports School was openned in the early 80s at the Urozhay Voluntary Sports Society, in 2016 — the Equestrian Sport and Modern Pentathlon Olympic Reserve School of the RB. The national team of Bashkortostan became the winner of the All‑Russia competitions in E.s. in 1992— 93, 1996—97, 2000, 2004, and 2007. There are several venues for E.s. competitions in the Republic: Akbuzat, Argamak in Dyurtyulinsky Raion, Iremel in Uchaly, KaraYurga in Ilishevsky Raion, Tulpar in Meleuzovsky Raion. R.F.Gilmiyarova became the first republican Master of the Equestrian Sport in the USSR in 1976. O.A.Danilova, the International Master of Sport of Russia, demonstrated excellent results at the international competitions. Among the prominent equestrians of the RB there are V.M. Sukharev — the champion of the USSR (1978—79), M.A.Borzov — the winner of the USSR Cups (1990—91) and the champion of the RSFSR (1987). The AllUnion (1983) and all‑Russia (2001, 2004, and 2007) Equestrian Competitions, the Europe Eventing Mini‑Championship (1995), the European Eventing Championship for Young Riders and Juniors (2011), the International Eventing Championship for Riders of the SCO and BRICS countries (2015) were held in Ufa. The Аssociation of Horse Breeding and Equestrian Sports of the RB operates since 1995, since 1998 — the Federation of Equestrian Sports of the RB.

Publication date: 06.07.2020
Last updated: 25.03.2021