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KRASNY KLYUCH, Ak shishma, the world’s largest karst spring, a natural monument (1965). Located on the left slope of the Ufa River valley, on the outskirts of Selo Krasny Klyuch of Nurimanovsky Raion. It is surfacing powerful karst waters, discharged into 2 communicating karst lakes of greenish‑bluish colour. Flowrate is 5,000—58,000 l/s (aver. annual — 14.9 m3/s). Water is fresh (0.2 g/l), calcium hydrocarbonate; according to gas composition it is oxygen‑nitrogen water; temperature — 4.5—5.5°C. Landscapes are represented by dark‑coniferous broadleaf forests. A small hydro‑power plant was built at the spring in 2002. Drinking water bottling was organized in the late 90s.

Publication date: 10.07.2020
Last updated: 25.03.2021