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KRAUSE, Konstantin Pavlovich

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KRAUSE, Konstantin Pavlovich (8.2.1877, Rzhavets of Kaluga Obl. — 9.9.1964, Ufa), Pedagogue. Full Professor (1930). Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1953), Order of the Badge of Honour (1944). Graduated from the St. Petersburg University (1904). Since 1905, a Teacher in the 2nd girl’s high school in Ufa, in 1919—27 the Head of the 4th Soviet school, at the same time Dir. of the Ufa Phys. Inst. (1919—37), Head of the Chair of Physics of the Bashkir Agricultural Inst. (1930—55), BSMI (1944— 48). One of the founders of the Public Education Institute (1919—20), the Ufa Phys. Inst. Under the leadership of K. in 1919 they began centralized teaching of natural sciences in Ufa educational institutions and since 1920s — systemic research work in the field of physics, biology and chemistry. The Academy of Sciences of the RB has established an award bearing his name.

Publication date: 10.07.2020
Last updated: 10.07.2020