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PEASANT REFORM OF 1861, a reform that abolished serfdom in Russia. In Ufa, the Manifesto on Reform was announced on March 15th, 1861. In Orenburg Gub. personal freedom and property rights were received by landlords peasants (137.4 thous. people), peasants of private mining plants (137.8 thous. people) and state plants (221.4 thous. people), in 1863 — udelniye (apanage) peasants (57 thous. people), and in 1866 — state peasants (434.8 thous. people).

P.r. affected the Bashkirs and their pripushchenniks, who lived in Vyatka, Orenburg, Perm and Samara guberniyas (981.1 thous. people, according to the 10th audit). The Regulations on the Bashkirs of May 14th, 1863, described the transfer of the population of the Bashkir Army into the civil category and receiving by the Bashkirs, Mishars, Tatars, Teptyars and bobyls (landless peasants) of the rights of free villagers. P.r. brought the population split by feudalism together and contributed to the development of peasants’ economic initiative and capitalist relations in the derevnyas.

Publication date: 10.07.2020
Last updated: 10.07.2020