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KRYKTYTAU  (in  translation  from Bashkir — forty (many) mountains; according to other data, has cut), a ridge. It is extended submeridionally from the latitude of the mouths of rivers Kulsugady and Shekaryelga (tributaries of the Maliy Kizil River) to the latitudinal flow of the B.Kizil River in Beloretsky and Abzelilovsky raions. Length — approx. 60 km, width of the northern part — 8 km, central part — 16 km, southern part — 6 km, the abs. alt. — 1,118 m (Karatash Mountain). Lakes Bannoye, Karabalykty and Sabakty are located at the eastern foot. A section of the ridge with summits Babay (1,054 m), Kushai (1,048 m), Khandyk (approx. 900 m); Karatash Mountain; stows Huuskan and Ultyk-Karagas; Karasyersk old‑age larch are natural monuments. In the north the Abzakovo Health Resort is located.

Publication date: 10.07.2020
Last updated: 29.03.2021