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KUDASH, Sayfi [real name: Kudashev Sayfetdin Fattakhetdinovich; 21.9.1894, Derevnya Klyashevo of Ufim. Uyezd of the same name gub. (Chishminsky Raion of the RB) — 29.6.1993, Ufa, buried in his homeland]. People’s poet of the BASSR (1964). Merited Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1984). Laureate of the Salavat Yulayev Award of the BASSR (1985). Awarded with the Order of Lenin (1955), Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1943, 1954, 1971), Order of Peoples’ Friendship (1974), Order of the Badge of Honour (1949). Member of the Union of Writers of the RB. Studied in the Galiya madrasa between 1915—18. Since 1918, he worked as a secondary school Teacher and in the Svobodnaya Sibir (in Omsk) and Bednota Vostoka (in Ufa) newspapers. Since 1925, Employee at the Novaya Derevnya newspaper, since 1930 — the Oktyabr magazine and the Kolkhoz newspaper. Since 1931, worked at the Bashgiz publishing house (all — in Ufa). Between 1933—35, Literary Adviser. In 1941 and between 1943—48, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Writers of the BASSR. Author of the Kushkain (1936) poetic novel and the following collections of poems: Prizyv (1942), Words of Recog- nition (1981), Book of Destiny (1983), etc. Also, he wrote: the Towards Spring (1951) short novel, the Happy Childhood (1940) children’s book, etc. The creative works by K. were translated into Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik., Uzbek and other languages.

Publication date: 13.07.2020
Last updated: 13.07.2020