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FORESTS MANAGEMENT, a branch of national economy, which performs the study, accounting, reproduction and protection of forests, forest exploitation regulation, etc. The history of F.m. is closely related to the development of agriculture. The intensive forest exploitation on Bashkortostan territory began in the 2nd half of the 18th century due to the construction of metallurgical works and an increase in the demand for charcoal and building materials. The development of F.m. on the territory of Ufa Gub. is associated with the establishment of the Forestry Department under the Gub. Land Committee in 1918. The state forest fund of the Bashrepublic was composed of former state, public, private and reserve forests. In 1966, the Ministry of Forestry of the BASSR was founded.

In Bashkortostan, more than 75% of the forest area is represented by mountain forests, performing soil protection, water regulation and water conservation functions. According to forest inventory, in 2016 the total area of forest fund of Bashkortostan was 5.7 million ha, including 91.2% of forests of Federal importance. The total forest area is 39.9%, the forest area of certain raions ranges from 92% (Beloretsky) to 6.2% (Davlekanovsky). The area of forests not included in the forest fund — 409.0 thous. ha, incl. forests located on the lands of the Nature Reserve Society — 380.4 thous. ha. The area covered with forests is 5.19 million ha, incl. 1.15 million ha covered with coniferous species. The total stock of forests wood registered and controlled by the Ministry of Forestry of the RB is 760.3 million m3, incl. mature and over‑mature stands — 400.2 million m3. Conifers account for 170.2 million m3, hardwooded broadleaved species – 55.8, softwooded broadleaved species – 533.9 million m3. The total average woodstock increase is 14.63 million m3 (2.8 m3 from 1 ha of the area covered with forest). Cleaning cuttings and selective sanitary cuttings were performed on the area of 28.1 thous. ha, which allowed to prepare 549.5 m3 of merchantable wood. Forest planting is performed on the area of 10.5 thous. ha. The forest fund of the RB includes 1,369 plus trees, 1.4 thous. ha of plus stands, 3.7 thous. ha of permanent seed plantations, 4.6 thous. ha of forest genetic reserves, etc. There are 31 active forest farms in the Republic (2018).

Publication date: 04.08.2020
Last updated: 04.08.2020