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FORESTRY ENTERPRISES, forest management enterprises. They are engaged in accounting, reproduction and protection of forests. They organize rational forest usage, improve their breed composition, increase productivity by means of drainage works, sanitary cuttings, reconstruction of low‑value plantations, etc; they conduct forestation of the eroded and other soils, protect forests from fires, cuttings and theft, release wood to the lumberers and monitor for its correct usage, organize the production of consumer wooden goods and the largest use of forest by‑products (obtained by haying, mushroom, berry, medicinal herb harvesting, etc); divided into forest departments. There are more than 30 functioning forestry enterprises in the RB (Abzelilovsky, Avzyansky, Belebeyevsky, Burzyansky, Iglinsky, Inzersky, Kananikolsky, etc; 2018).

Publication date: 04.08.2020
Last updated: 30.03.2021