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LYCEUMS, 1) in Russia, until 1917: privileged secondary or higher education institutions for nobility children to be trained into potential statesmen; 2) name of some general or vocational educational institutions in the RF, which have their own educational programs since 1988.

In Bashkortostan, the first L. was opened in Birsk in 1991. By 2010, there were 82 L. (50 of them were institutions of general education and 32 — of vocational education), by 2013 — 58 L. (general education), by 2018 — 59 L. (general education), incl. Engineering Boarding Lyceum, IT Boarding Lyceum, Sterlitamak Boar­ding Lyceum No.2, etc.


Publication date: 04.08.2020
Last updated: 04.08.2020