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LYAYSAN, a folk dance ensemble at the Uchalinsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant. Founded in 1964 at the Bayramgulovsky Sovkhoz Palace of Culture. Since 2005 – the current status. In 1972, received the “People’s” title. Since 2013 – Merited Folk Collective of the RF. The repertoire consists of the Bashkir choreography classics: Bashkir Cossack, Gulnazira, Zarifa, narrative dances Our Holiday, Tampers, etc. Toured both Russia and abroad (Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, France, etc). Laureate of the All‑Union Festivals of Amateur Art Groups (1967), The Ural is Rich In Talents folk art festival (Tyumen, Chelyabinsk; both – in 1995), international folk festivals (Lisbon, 1977; Galle, Germany, 1982; Moscow, 1988; Madrid, 1995; Paris, 2004, 2005; Rome, 2006; Sardinia Island, Italy, 2007, 2011), Commonwealth folklore festival (Neftekamsk, 1994; Grand Prix), etc. In 1993, received the M.Murtazin Award.


Publication date: 04.08.2020
Last updated: 30.03.2021