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NEFTYANIK, Ufa Football Club stadium. Built in 1966 as a N. sports centre for OAO Bashneft—Ufaneftekhim, since 2012 it has the modern status. N. includes a Physical Training Centre (built in 1966), a stadium (1967), and a swimming pool (1970). Between 2012—15 reconstruction was carried out. The stadium has the main football field (105x68 m) with artificial turf and automatic heating system, stands for 15200 seats, a lane track (400 m), high jumps and long jumps sectors; a digital electronic scoreboard; a spare artificial‑turf football field (94x60 m), 4 mini‑football grounds; an administrative unit, an outdoor tennis court, etc. Physical Training Centre includes a sports gym (36x18 m) with stands for 250 seats, gyms for artistic gymnastics (12x9 m), boxing (16x9 m), choreography (14x6 m), a gym (7x6 m), etc. The pool has two pool bath (50x21m and 12x3 m), a sports hall (23x8 m) and a gym (11x9 m), etc. The stadium has been a venue for matches of the Russian Football Championship with the participation of Ufa Football Team since 2015.

Publication date: 01.09.2020
Last updated: 01.09.2020