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VICTORY PARK. Created in Ufa (7 Komarova st., area: 232 ha) as a recreation park Neftyanik (Oil worker). It received its present name on May 9, 1980, the day of the opening of the memorial in honour of M.H.Gubaydullin and A.M.Matrosov (by sculptors L.E.Kerbel and N.S.Lyubimov, and architect G.G.Lebedev). In 1985, the second line of the memorial complex was opened in the form of half lowered flags and a T-34 tank was installed as a monument. In 1992, the opening of the bust of M.G.Gareyev (sculptor: Y.F.Soldatov) took place on his tomb, located on the territory of the park. In 1994, the third phase of the complex was built, dedicated to the memory of those killed during the Great Patriotic War. It had an eternal flame and a pantheon. In 2003, a monument was erected to the natives of the Republic of Bashkortostan who died in local wars of the 20th century (the monument to the Grieving Mother; by sculptor N.А.Kalinushkin, and the architects brothers D.A. and P.A.Winkelmans). On May 9, 2005, in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War a memorial alley to front-line female soldiers was built. On the territory of the park one will find the busts of T.T.Kusimov and M.M.Shaymuratov (2010; sculptor V.A.Dvornik, architect: D.M.Magafurov), and the Museum of Military Glory which is considered to be a monument of architecture and urban planning.

Publication date: 11.09.2020
Last updated: 12.04.2021