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HOLIDAYS AND COMMEMORATIVE DAYS in the Republic of Bashkortostan, days dedicated  to  outstanding  events  or traditional dates. According to the Law of 1992 On Holidays and  Commemorative Days, Professional Holidays and Other Significant Dates in the Republic of Bash­ kortostan, there are the following public holidays in the RB: the Day of the Re­ public — the Day When the Sove­ reignty Declaration for Bashkir Soviet Socialist Republic Was Signed (October, 11th); Eid al­Fitr and Kurban Bayram. All the three are off‑days in the Republic. Commemorative days include the Day of the State Flag of the RB (February, 25th; ref. State Symbols), Day of Signing the Agreement on Soviet Autonomy of Bashkiriya (March, 20th; ref. Agreement of the Central Soviet authorities with the Bashkir government on the Soviet Autonomous Bashkiria), Day of Signing the Federal Treaty and Annexes Thereto (March, 31st), Day of Signing the Treaty of the Russian Federation and the RB on the Delimitation of Fields of Competence and Mutual Delegation of Powers between the States Authorities (August, 3rd), Day of Establishment of the Territorial National Autonomy of Bashkortostan as a Federal Part of the Russian State (November, 29th; ref. Autonomy), Day of the RB Constitution (December, 24th; ref. Constitution of the RB), prof. holidays, etc.

Publication date: 01.10.2020
Last updated: 01.10.2020