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RAYANOV, Fanis Mansurovich

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RAYANOV, Fanis Mansurovich (b.12.12. 1938 in Selo Taktagulovo of Bakalinsky Raion of the BASSR), Legislator. Associate Member of the AS RB (1995), Dr. of Laws (1982), Full Professor (1983). Merited Scientist of the BASSR (1984). Awarded with the Order for Merits to the Republic of Bashkortostan (2018). Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Law Institute (1965). Between 1981–86 and 1989–92, Dean of Department of Law at the BSU; simultaneously, between 2005–14, Dir. of the Legal State Problems Research Institute (Ufa). Scientific research is dedicated to the problems of theory and history of state law, state and legal state development, legal reform, and agrarian law. Chief Editor of The Rule of Law: Theory and Practice journal (2005–14).

Publication date: 05.10.2020
Last updated: 13.04.2021