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The regional interactive encyclopedic portal «Bashkortostan»
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FISH FARMING, a sector of economy concerned with fish breeding, increase of the amount and quality improvement of fish resources. In Bashkortostan, pasto‑ral, pond, and industrial fish farming are developed. The technology of artificial reproduction of white amur, carp, Siberian sturgeon, silver carp etc has been mastered. In 1908, a fish hatchery was built, in 1958 it was reorganized into Ufimsky Cisco Hatchery (Asylykul, Atavdy, Kandrykul, Yaktykul lakes were stocked with larva produced at the hatchery). As chemical industry and petrochemical industry developed in the Republic, valuable species of fish began disappearing (sterlet, taimen, brook trout, European grayling); natural reproduction and catch of wild fish decreased (bream, burbot, catfish, pike perch, etc). To ensure a more rational use of water resources of the Republic and to increase fish production output, in 1995, the RB approved a fish farming development program. Since 2005, the RB Partnership of Fish Farms, uniting 10 fish farms, functions OAO Bashkirrybkhoz (Ufa), Balyk Fishery (Fyodorovsky Raion), OOO Rybka (Abzelilovsky Raion) constitute the main fishery reserves of the Republic Large‑scale fish reproduction in the Karmanovsky Reservoir is performed by OOO Karmanovsky Fishery (Krasnokamsky Raion); it breeds carp, sturgeon, trout; assimilates reproduction of inconnu, mukun, peled, cisco, and taimen. The breeding stock genetic pool includes valuable sturgeons — sterlet and Baikal sturgeon. The total area of fish traps exceeds 15 thous. m2, the annual catch of commercial fish is: carp – 1,000–1,200 t, sturgeons and trout – 100–150 t each. In 2017, 107 fishery farms operated, they produced 1,911 t of fish. In 2015, the RB Government established a project team for establishing and developing basin‑channel fishery farms breeding particularly valuable fish species in Trans‑Urals and north‑eastern areas of the RB.

Publication date: 26.10.2020
Last updated: 26.10.2020