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USATU-SAT, an artificial micro‑satellite of the Earth; the first research and academic satellite in the RB (2009). In 2007–09, USATU developed its useful load, the platform was designed by Polyot Design Bureau in Omsk. It was launched together with MSU satellite Tatyana‑2 from Baykonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan) on Sep. 17, 2009 by Soyuz‑2.1b carrier rocket (Research, Development and Production Airspace Centre CADB‑Progress, Samara) with Fregat booster (Lavochkin Bureau, Khimki). Mass – 40 kg. Moved along the heliosynchronous orbit at a height of 800–850 km; orbital period – 111 min, flight time over RB – 20 min. Equipped with amateur band communication equipment, GlobalStar modem and multi‑channel multi‑spectral camera (resolution – 50 m/pixel, swathe width – 400 km). Service life – 3 years. It was intended for surveys in the field of satellite communications, monitoring of the environment, etc. The data were collected by the USATU Center for Receiving and Data Processing of Cosmic Information. The radio signal was relayed and exchanged through the satellite constellation of GlobalStar mobile communication system. In 2010, they commenced works on the creation of the semi‑automatic micro‑satellite module USATU‑SAT 2 and continued them in 2016 in cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

Publication date: 15.11.2020
Last updated: 31.05.2021