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UTYASHEV, Farid Zainullayevich

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UTYASHEV, Farid Zainullayevich (b.15.11.1947 in Sovetsk of Kaliningrad Obl.), Mechanical Engineer. Associate Member of the AS RB (2012), Dr. of Engineering (1992). Merited Inventor of the RB (1997). Graduated from the UAI (1972) and since 1974 worked there (since 1987 in spec. design and engineering bureau Tantal). Since 1989 at the Institute for Metal Superplasticity Problems. His research works are dedicated to problems of ultrafine grain and nano‑crystal structure formation in metallic materials and pressure shaping of heat‑resistant alloys. U. has developed the theory of local superplastic deformation of metals and alloys, methods of obtaining superplastic semi‑products from heat resistant nickel and titanium alloys, manufacture of large‑size parts by rolling, a new type of the reeling mill, etc.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 24.02.2021