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CHVANOV, Mikhail Andreyevich

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CHVANOV, Mikhail Andreyevich (b.25.7.1944 in Selo Staraya Mikhailovka, Salavatsky Raion of the BASSR, now Selo Maloyaz of the same Raion of the RB) is a writer. People’s Writer of the RB (2021). Merited Cultural Sector Professional of the Russian Federation (2002) and the RB (1994). Laureate of the Salyam Award (1982). Awarded with the Order of Honour (2010), Order of Peoples’ Friendship (2014), Order of Salavat Yulayev (2017), Order of Grigory Aksakov (2021). Member of the Union of Writers of the RB. After graduating from BSU in 1967 he worked as Department Chairman at the Leninets newspaper. Since 1975, employee at the Bashknigoizdat publishing house. Between 1978—82, Literary Adviser at the Union of Writers of the BASSR. Since 1992, Director of the Aksakov Memorial House (all — in Ufa). Wrote: the novel The Mystery of Navigator Albanov (1981); collections of short novels and stories include Ticket to childhood, I Leave Without Saying Goodbye (both — in 1980) and The Broken Meridian (1989); the book of essays I Will Not Take Away the Earthly Joy (1978), etc. Such creative works as Aksakov Places in Bashkiria (1976), Roots and Crowns: I Was in Aksakov (1991) and others are dedicated to the life and art of S.T.Aksakov and his sons K.S. and I.S.Aksakovs. The creative works of Ch. Were translated into the Bashkir language by R.F.Baybulatov.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 22.08.2022