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YUMAGULOV, Kharis Yumagulovich

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YUMAGULOV, Kharis Yumagulovich [3.1.1891, Derevnya Khasyanovo of Nikolayevsky Uyezd of Samara Gub. (Bolshechernigovsky Raion of Samara Obl.) – 2.11.1937, Moscow], Statesman. Participant of the Bashkir National Movement. Member of the RCP(b) between 1917–21 and 1931–35. Graduated from the Moscow Warrant Officers Training School (1917), K.A. Timiryazev’ Moscow Agricultural Academy. Since July 1917 Member of the Bashkir Central Shuro, since December Member of the Smaller Kurultay (Congress). Since 1918, Member of the Central Bureau of the Communist Organizations of Muslims under the Central Committee of the RCP(b), Military Commissar of Kazan, and Deputy Commissar of the Central Muslim Commissariat (Moscow). Since February 1919 Representative of the Russian Central Executive Committee at the Bashkir Military Revolutionary Committee, since May Chairman of Bashrevkom (Bashkir Revolutionary Committee), simultaneously, between September–November Secretary of the Bashkir Obl. Committee of the RCP(b). After the adoption of the Decree on the State Structure of the Autonomous Soviet Bashkir Republic together with other members of Bashrevkom went to the Middle Asia. Since 1926, Assistant Head of the Trade Office of the Republic. In the 30s, Head of the Department of Accounting and Statistics of the Administration of Dairy and Meat State Farms of Western Siberia under the People’s Commissariat of Grain and State Farms of the USSR (both – in Moscow). In 1937, he was subjected to political purges and executed by shooting. Rehabilitated in 1956.

Publication date: 24.02.2021
Last updated: 31.05.2021